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HORSE Libertad, a 3-year-old brown Colt from Australia, trained by Annabel Neasham, is a stakes winner with earnings totaling $262,250, showcasing above-average ability.

On 26th Aug 2023, Ridden by Chad Schofield, Libertad achieved a notable victory in the $251,000 San Domenico Stakes at Rosehill Gardens, defeating Moravia and proving it is a profitable horse.

Let's crunch the numbers:

Here is the value progression for HORSE Libertad:

  • 1-year-old yearling: Priced at USD 40,000

  • 2-year-old: Sold for USD 200,000

  • After winning a Group 3 race: Current value at USD 6 million

  • If Libertad wins a Group 2 race: Value will increase to USD 10 million

  • If Libertad wins a Group 1 race: Value will further increase to USD 20 million.

If you bought Libertad at USD40,000:

The numbers for the investment in Libertad:

  • Purchase price of Libertad: USD 40,000

  • Selling price: USD 200,000

  • Return on investment (ROI) after 1 year: 500%

If the investment was held longer:

  • Current value of Libertad: USD 6 million

  • ROI after 3 years: 15,000%

Over 3 years, there has been significant appreciation in value, resulting in higher earnings & an increased value of the stable. As horses appreciate, both the stable and potential winnings also increase in value.

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